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Fabulous Global Exchange Student Program

We are Home away from Home

We provide a Peace of Mind while you Work or Play.

(සුවපහසුව suvapahasuva) 

sri lanka
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Just Fabulous Care specializes in providing a personalized international student placement in homes. They have been operating since 2000 and currently serve students from over from all over the world who are looking to pursue their education abroad through our Homestay program.In addition,

We provide HOME away from HOME.


in the Sunshine State!

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We provide a home away from home, for students and adults all over the world. We provide a peace of mind for the parents that allow their children to come to the United States to learn English, and to experience the American culture and have an adventure in the United States.

Orlando is a Fabulous city and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and students, looking for adventure in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Among the many attractions are Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Aquatica Water Park and much more to explore.

Our home  in Orlando, when you walk through the front door my students are in Aww.., and ready to explore, the first thing they see is the swimming pool and they head straight to the backyard to see The Garden of Wonder's and what an adventure awakes!

Come and explore with us!



Hello!! Hello!!Hello!! I am the Fabulous Camille Robb and I am a mother of 2 children and caregiver of 100's of children all over the world. I am a Nurse, a Nanny, a Guardian, a Teacher, a House Manager, a Pet Sitter, a Host Mom and I love what I do. I have been doing it for over 25 years. The reason I wanted to be a host mom was when my daughter, Moniqe Robb was a Student Ambassador for the United States and had the opportunity to travel to Europe. 

During her stay she had the opportunity to stay with a new family that she knew nothing about. That experience was one of the best things that ever happened to her. The family treated her like she was their own child and the experience not only blessed my daughter but it also blessed me. So that I could do the same thing for anyone that comes to my home.

Host Students Exchange Florida
Host Family Transportation

Responsible & Reliable

For me, having the students in my home is a Fabulous experience and learning the different cultures and lifestyles. Every day is an adventure with my students, we explore the city and find fun things to do while we learn the difference in our cultures.

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About Me

Fabulous Camille Robb

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Fabulous Camille Robb is highly energetic, a Certified Nanny, Nurse, Newborn Care Specialist, House Manager, Night Nurse, Personal Assistant, Governess with over 25 years of hands on progressive experience caring for children of all ages, from Newborns to adults.Camille has ability to care for newborn, interact with toddlers, Mentor a teenager and make elderly smile all in the one day. Possessing a proven track record of delivering professional while engaging students in a broad variety of stimulating activities. Camille has been married for 28 years and has two children of her own. She has owned and operated a daycare for over 10 years. Camille as owned and operated Just Fabulous Care  a global exchange program that host students from around the world such as, China, Dubai, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, Congo, Australia ,Japan and many more countries. Her philosophy is to make a positive impact in each student life by providing a broad base of cognitive, intellectual, and emotional support. She used her skills to create a secure and nurturing environment while supporting each student to achieve their educational goals.



Student: Abdulaziz

Hi I am Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia Resident of Camille Rob's house for five months The house is gorgeous and overlooks the lake and is located in the northern Ocoee area of Orlando The house is 12 minutes from the open heart language academy for an academy graduate. It is close to the supermarket, McDonald's, Burger King and a gym. The family is very helpful and kind.

السلام عليكم 

انا عبدالعزيز من المملكة العربية السعودية 

مقيم في منزل كاميل روب من خمس شهور

المنزل رائع ويطل على بحيره ويقع في منطقه اوكوي شمال أورلاندو 

المنزل على بعد ١٢ دقيقه من اوبن هآرتس لانقويج أكاديمي .
وقريب من سوبر ماركت و ماكدونالدز و برجر كنج ونادي رياضي.
العائله جدا متعاونه وطيبين 

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