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Just Fabulous Care partners with Florida private schools and camps of all kinds to provide admission support and housing for our international students with host families local to each campus. Since 2000, Just Fabulous Care has contributed to South Florida’s global community by welcoming hundreds of international students from China, Japan, Congo, Germany, Kuwait, France, Russia, Sweden, Ecuador, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, and many more to come, (just to name a few). We understand and appreciate cultural diversity and have created a program with this in mind. Just Fabulous Care provides cultural immersion, nurturing, loving and ongoing support to our international students at home and at school to ensure optimal success.

Every student has different needs and expectations when moving to America and the adjustment can be very challenging. There are a growing number of international students who are requesting the comfort and convenience of living with a host family over a boarding school experience, the students that live in the home with host families, learn about local customs, and speak English all day long!

Just Fabulous Care with an American family provides students with an environment that ensures privacy and strengthens independence and insight into local customs and culture.


Properly matching students with carefully screened and approved host families are vital to our success. ZOOM, WhatsApp, and WeChat, and other social media. Video technology has served as the best method to meet and learn about our students. This is a great opportunity for International parents say hello and ask questions. Translation technology has made this easy and comforting. By acquiring both student and host family details we provide a smooth and safe transition.

Although a few of our host families are multi-cultural, English is the primary language spoken in all of our homes. Both students and host families mutually agree to homestay rules of conduct, responsibilities, and expectations prior to formal student placement.

At Just Fabulous Care, students are immediately treated as one of the family, and no detail is overlooked! We Provide Home away from Home!


We provide a wide range of professional services to make sure our students can reach their full potential.


  • Loving, safe, and nurturing host families for international students attending Florida Schools and Camps.

  • We respect all religions.

  • Training and ongoing support for qualified host families.

  • Mandated FDLE background checks for all families along with continual monitoring.

  • Promote social activities that encourage family and student bonding.

  • Ensure that the general academic needs of the school are addressed for each student.

  • Coordinate with the school’s Guidance Counselor to make certain that student needs are understood and met

  • Provide school administration and teachers with host family contact information.

  • Assist host family to get involved with the student’s academic progress by attending important school events to include college counseling, career visits, sporting events, and fine arts presentations.

We would love the opportunity to offer Just Fabulous Care as a Home away from Home option for your international students.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your requirements.

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