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Just Fabulous Care Global requirements during COVID-19

As we welcome international students back to USA, our top priority is the health and safety of our students, host families, campus and community. The Just Fabulous Care follows the regulations and recommendations of the federal and the provincial governments, as well as the local public health authority.

TRAVEL - New measures and requirements

The Government of USA has announced coming changes to the current COVID-19 travel restrictions, You can see more information about the new travel requirements at the following webpage:


Please note that the policy and wording/instructions are not yet posted so we will need to monitor the government website for the most up-to-date requirements and details on how the policy will be implemented.

Students arriving in Canada before February 28, 2022:

Fully vaccinated travellers arriving by air or land, who have been in any country other than Canada and the United States in the 14 days prior to entry to Canada, are being randomly selected to take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Canada. Students are able to travel to their place of quarantine, and can reach their hotel by taking public transportation, such as taxis. We are asking students selected for testing to quarantine in a hotel while they await their COVID test results. Homestay is not suitable for quarantine upon arrival while travelers await their PCR test results. As per the current information on the USA travel advisory site, travelers will be notified of their test result within 72 hours.

Students not selected for testing upon arrival, or those previously traveling from within USA, must quarantine in a USA hotel for 3 nights to see whether they develop any COVID symptoms. This is to reduce community spread and to protect our homestay families. Students who are not selected for testing on arrival may move into the homestay host home on the fourth day in USA with negative PCR test, and not before their program's scheduled move in date, if they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and negative PCR test.



The Government of USA will transition of the pandemic response. 

This means that, fully vaccinated travelers coming into USA:  

  1. are required to have a negative COVID PCR test result within 72 hours of flying into USA or have a COVID-19 rapid antigen test result that is authorized by the country in which it was purchased and must be administered by a laboratory, healthcare entity or telehealth service (an at home test kit is not sufficient to meet the pre-entry requirement).

  2. Will be randomly selected for arrival testing. Travelers selected will no longer be required to quarantine while awaiting their test result.

Additional measures for students in the Just Fabulous Care Global Program

Regardless of the easing of travel measures, we are asking all students to get PCR 72hr test with negative result in-hand upon an arrival.

We are requiring this additional measure because hosts originally agreed to take in students with the understanding (at the time of the placement) that all students will have 72hr PCR negative test and free of COVID symptoms.

Students who develop COVID symptoms while traveling should make arrangements to stay at the hotel for at least 5 more nights until they received PCR negative test.

Students that develop symptoms during their studies and after moving in with their homestay family are able to quarantine in their room at the home.

Homestay placements

Many students are requesting to live with vaccinated hosts, and many hosts are requesting vaccinated students. To facilitate placements, we are asking both hosts and students to voluntarily disclose whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated/choose not to disclose. This information is confidential and will only be used to match hosts and students who are concerned about vaccination status.

  • Stay at home and keep a safe distance from family when you have cold or flu symptoms,

  • Continue to practice proper recommended hygiene guidelines,

  • Practice physical distancing if household members are sick or have symptoms.

  • If a household member (including homestay students) were to contract COVID-19 or express associated symptoms (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.) during the homestay contract period, the program will work with the student and host to follow public health guidelines.

    • The Just Fabulous Care Global aims to avoid spreading COVID-19 with unnecessary relocations. Our preference is to keep the student in place, in accordance with Public Health direction.

Additional program rules and restrictions may be implemented without notice based on requirements implemented by Just Fabulous Care Global Health & Safety, the US Government and other governmental agencies.

All students must review information on travel restrictions and current COVID-19 regulations sent by Student Services. Students will be expected to adhere to COVID-19-related protocols, guidelines, regulations and restrictions; failure to do so may result in the removal from the Homestay Program. As regulations change or are lifted, homestay will revise fees/requirements accordingly.

In order to limit the contact between households due to COVID-19, Just Fabulous Care Global will not be accepting Two Week Notice forms to switch hosts, until further notice, except in cases of emergency or contract violation. Students will need to stay with their assigned host for the duration of their placement, unless withdrawing from the program by providing the required Two Week Notice form.

You can see more information about the new travel requirements at the following webpage:

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